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Summary Case Details for 20164254


Reference: B3/2016/4254

Title: Lyons v Fox Williams LLP

Type: Appeal

Appeal / Application:
from the order of Mr Justice Turner
High Court QBD dated 25-Oct-16

Hearing Status: Fixed on 03-Oct-18 - estimated length (in hours): 10:00

Venue: London

Not assigned
Not assigned
Not assigned

Case results:

Refused on 25-Oct-18

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Current Status: Matter Dealt with - see Case Results

Tracking Information:

25-Oct-18: Case given a final judgment
03-Oct-18: Case given a reserved judgment
14-Dec-17: Case passed to List Office
14-Dec-17: Letter sent to applicant/solicitor to request bundles and/or documents
18-May-17: Application referred to Lord/Lady Justice
08-Feb-17: Bundle corrections were approved
30-Nov-16: Letter sent to applicant/solicitor requesting correction of bundles

Last Updated: 13-Dec-18

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